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Association to Benefit Children

Association to Benefit Children

ABC's mission is to offer every child a life filled with joy and love by creating compassionate programs in urgent response to the needs of New York City's most vulnerable families. Learn more about ABC

Top 5%

QUALITYstarsNY rates ABC Early Childhood Programs in the top 5% of all early childhood programs in NYC


96% of the families served by ABC’s All Children House remain together, compared to the citywide rate of 63%.

Association to Benefit Children
Johnny Mac Soldiers Fund
Military Veteran

Johnny Mac Soldiers Fund

Established in 2014, the Johnny Mac Soldiers Fund is dedicated to honoring military service and sacrifice by providing college scholarships to veterans and military family members, particularly children of our nation’s fallen. Learn more about Johnny Mac Soldiers Fund


Since 2014, Johnny Mac Soldiers Fund has awarded more than $16 million in scholarships


There are 2,000 Johnny Mac Scholars attending schools all over the country

Johnny Mac Soldiers Fund